Like people, no two projects are the same, and we pride ourselves on our ability to develop personalised legal solutions for complex, multi-faceted matters. We provide pragmatic advice to businesses of all sizes: property developers; builders; franchisors and franchisees; commercial landlords and tenants; financial institutions; and government.

To contact Lexmerca Lawyers or Professional Engagement Group please call: 02 6181 2900.

Business / Corporate

We work closely with our clients to minimise the likelihood of disputes. In the event of an unavoidable dispute, we work hard to minimise any disruption that can come to clients and their businesses from such situations.

  • Structuring

    We provide advice to clients in relation to structuring property acquisitions, construction, and business in general. 

  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Disposals

    We provide advice to businesses on how to access the market to achieve their strategic and liquidity objectives. We are well versed in the markets in which our clients operate, allowing us to maintain a commercial approach that optimises efficiency, while reducing costs.

  • Franchising

    Whether you are a franchisor or an individual seeking a franchise opportunity, we will represent your best interests in all negotiations to ensure a positive outcome.

  • Terms of Trade

    We assist by highlighting potential concerns and issues for your business and tailoring your terms of trade to address your individual circumstances. We can also draft and arrange the successful registration of security interests under the Personal Property Securities Register.