Like people, no two projects are the same, and we pride ourselves on our ability to develop personalised legal solutions for complex, multi-faceted matters. We provide pragmatic advice to businesses of all sizes: property developers; builders; franchisors and franchisees; commercial landlords and tenants; financial institutions; and government.

To contact Lexmerca Lawyers or Professional Engagement Group please call: 02 6181 2900.

Intellectual Property and IT

We have a deep and wide-ranging understanding of intellectual property concepts and posses the negotiating and drafting skills required to bring that experience to complex transactional arrangements across a wide range of industries.

  • Copyright

    We provide advice to clients in all aspects of copyright law, including preparing and negotiating a wide variety of copyright-related agreements concerning ownership of and licensing of copyrights, including publishing agreements, distribution agreements, work-for-hire agreements, assignments, and other transactional documents.

  • IT Agreements

    We advise businesses across a range of industries on information technology matters, including procurement; software development, licensing, and support; hosted services; facilities management; hardware supply; integration; ICT services agreements and other dealings with ICT vendors and service providers. 

  • Information and Privacy

    In our internet-connected world, data privacy is one of the most challenging issues facing business today. Continually-evolving technology and changes in laws make privacy a hot issue for businesses.

    We help clients in matters relating to information and privacy, from providing personalised advice, to representation on transactional matters, legislative issues, and public policy.