Like people, no two projects are the same, and we pride ourselves on our ability to develop personalised legal solutions for complex, multi-faceted matters. We provide pragmatic advice to businesses of all sizes: property developers; builders; franchisors and franchisees; commercial landlords and tenants; financial institutions; and government.

To contact Lexmerca Lawyers or Professional Engagement Group please call: 02 6181 2900.

Real Estate

Real estate matters form the cornerstones of our legal practice. We have many years of experience in this field and a deep-seeded understanding of property laws and their complexities within the Australian Capital Territory, as well as in New South Wales and Queensland.

Lexmerca Lawyers’ co-founder, John Chamberlain, is the Chair of the ACT Law Society Property Committee and in his role is:
- on the front-line in relation to prospective and likely changes and advances in property law
- privy to potential issues and problems in property law
- an ad-hoc arbitrator, making determinations where matters of property law are in dispute between practitioners
- responsible for making submissions and representations to government on proposed changes to legislation and practice in property law.

With our experience and far-reaching scope, our clients can rest assured that they will be ahead of the pack when entrusting their property matters into our capable hands.

Our clients include property developers, builders, first-home buyers, families, businesses, commercial and residential landlords and tenants, and government departments.

  • Acquisitions and Disposals

    We help our clients get the most from their purchase or sale of property—it’s that simple. Our experienced team keeps abreast of market and legal developments and is well-equipped to advise clients in acquisition and disposal matters.

    Our clients include property companies, property developers, individuals and families, large corporations, local and overseas investors, and government.

  • Construction

    We are experienced in representing clients from all facets of construction projects, including: builders, developers, land owners, and government bodies. Our areas of expertise include:
    - site acquisition
    - project planning and financing
    - contract drafting
    - contract administration
    - claims resolution
    - dispute resolution.

  • Environmental Planning

    Over the years we’ve seen environmental planning become a hotly-contested political as well as a social issue. To help combat any disruptions to clients’ projects that can often arise from environmental-planning matters, we keep abreast of technological advances and changing environmental standards to ensure our clients always receive the most up-to-date advice.

    We also advise property developers as well as government in the fields of water, waste and urban services.

  • Leasing and Licensing

    Leasing and licensing are core functions of our work, which see us combining our legal experience with sound business judgement in such a way that best serves the needs of our clients. Irrespective of the size or value of the deal, we approach each transaction with attention to the interests, goals and needs of our clients.

  • Property Taxes

    You needn’t pay more taxes than you ought to—we have a comprehensive understanding of the property industry, coupled with the technical knowledge to ensure that we’re well equipped to represent you in structuring complex real estate transactions.